In August 2019 you will start in the attractive village of Gstaad, followed by five competitions in various types of terrain

The designated competition and training areas of SOW 2019 have never been used for orienteering before.

The areas for the six competitions and dates:

Stage 1, 4.08.2019, Gstaad, The Cultivated Stage

Stage 2, 5.08.2019, Col du Pillon / Isenau, The Panoramic Stage

Stage 3, 6.08.2019, Col du Pillon / Lac Retaud, The Pleasurable Stage

Stage 4, 8.08.2019, Hornberg, The Lovely Stage

Stage 5, 9.08.2019 ,Rougemont, The Tricky Stage

Stage 6, 10.08.2019, Eggli, The Ultimate Stage

Link to the map showing the embargoed areas