17 July

Stage 2

First WOC analysis by the Swiss TeamWOC2023 türkis freigestellt

Kilian Imhof, Swiss Orienteerig head coach makes a first analysis of the WOC 2023 from the point of view of the Swiss team.

> Venue: SOW Event Centre, Flims Dorf

> Time: 20:30, after the award ceremony of stages 1 + 2

> Fee: free admission

Oecumenic service with musical performance

Already almost a tradition is the ecumenical worship service for young and old in the evangelical church of Flims led by Alfred Mülller and Felice Büchi. Ursli Jordi will provide the musical accompaniment with selected songs from his own repertoire and with Rosmarie Zingg on the organ.

> Venue: evangelical church, Davont Esch 1, 7017 Flims Dorf

> Coordinates: WGS 46.838ºN, 9.284ºE

> Time: 20:15

> Fee: free admission


18 July

Stage 3


SOW Mid-Week PartyDisco

What would the SOW be without its traditional mid-week party? As an introduction to the rest day, good results and great experiences can be celebrated in the Arena Bar. Anyone who still feels a lack of exercise at this point, can let off steam with bar and music until the early morning hours.

> Venue: Arena Lodge, Via Prau da Monis 2, 7017 Flims Dorf

> Coordinates: WGS 46.834ºN, 9.283ºE

> Time: from 21:00

> Fee: free admission


19 July

Rest Day

SOW Nostalgic O-EventLäufer

Orienteering has been practised in the Flims forest since 1967. As a change from our current way of orienteering, you can turn back the clock a little on the rest day and experience orienteering as an adventure again. Orienteering clothing from that era is optional.

> O-map 1:16'666, as of 1973

> Original control locations from1977

> Ribbons instead of flags, stamps instead of SportIdent

> Start: WGS 46.8246ºN, 9.2822ºE, finish: WGS 46.827ºN, 9.293ºE

> Time: 10:00 – 16:00

> CHF 10 / map, purchase at the SOW information


19 July

Rest Day

LaaxPer gassas e streglias / Learn Romansh on the go

On a leisurely tour through the village Laax, you will learn Romansh on the go and gain insight into the sights of Laax. At the end of the tour, you can write your first Romansh postcard while enjoying refreshments in the museum.

> Start at 14:00 and 16:00

> Sign up with Romana Brunold, phone +41 77 202 34 93


20 July

Stage 4

SOW Presentation: UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena SardonaDANUSER 160816123535

The collision of the two continents Africa and Europe has piled up the Alps. Nowhere else on earth can the formation of mountains and valleys be seen as monumentally and vividly as in the Tectonic Arena Sardona. Rösi Böni, project manager of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona, provides insights into the history of the formation of the Tectonic Arena Sardona.

> Venue: SOW Event Centre, Flims Dorf

> Time: 20:00, after the award ceremony of stage 4

> Fee: free admission


21 July

Stage 5

SOW Spaghetti PartySpaghetti

Why not prepare together for the last stage and once again charge the energy tank? The restaurant Prau la Selva offers the ideal opportunity to do so with a great spaghetti party.

> Venue: restaurant Sports Centre Prau la Selva, Flims Waldhaus

> Time: July 21, from 19:00, in 3 seatings (19:00-20:00; 20:15-21:15; 21:30-22:30)

> Reservation is mandatory, places can be booked in the SOW webshop. The dinner has to be paid on site.

Swiss O Week 2026logo SOW2026 XXX rgb

The host of Swiss O Week 2026 introduces itself.

> Venue: SOW Event Centre, Flims Dorf

> Time: 20:00, after the award ceremony of stage 5

> Fee: free admission

SOW Presentation: New Route-Choice Analysis Tool by OCAD

Hubert Klauser and other OCAD employees present the new tool for determining optimal routes in three-dimensional terrain. The tool is a further development of the OCAD Route Analyzer, which was presented at SOW 2019.

> Venue: SOW Event Centre, Flims Dorf

> Time: 20:30, after the communication of SOW 2026

> Fee: free admission

Presentation can be downloaded here



22 July

Stage 6

SOW After Party
Casa Veglia 1

Together we end the orienteering week and look back on good race sections, bad mistakes, real wildlife encounters and other wonderful moments of the SOW week. We meet at about 19:00 in the Casa Veglia, Laax Murschetg near the valley station of the gondola, where the SOW daily video is shown one last time. Besides drinks, one can also satisfy the hunger.

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