WOC2023 Inspektion21.05.2021 - The World Orienteering Championships 2023 should be held in the destination Flims Laax Falera. The Swiss O Week provides the framework with public races. After the submission of the application dossier through the Swiss Orienteering Federation by the end of 2018, the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has inspected the application last week.

Kinder OL10.05.2019 - Every day, two options are offered in the event center for kids of various ages:

  • A string course for the 2 to 6-year-old children
  • A labyrinth course for older children with first experience in map-reading

03.05.2019 - The course setters have finished their home work and the course details of the 6 stages are published here. Thus everyone will receive another puzzle piece needed for the preparation of the challenges of the SOW in August in Gstaad and, therefore, the anticipation will increase some more.

19.03.2019 - Kids feel always particularly at home at the SOW, both at the competitons as well as in practicing the many possible leisure activities.

14.04.2019 - The orienteering highlight at 3000 meters above sea. The SOW entry fee includes a ticket to the Glacier 3000. The ticket is valid for one roundtrip during the SOW week.

29.03.2019 - The Danish club Søllerød OK has registered 55 persons until now and, hence, represents the largest club entry for Swiss O Week 2019 Gstaad. 

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