12.05.2021 - The Swiss O Week 2021 can be held as a 6 day orienteering event in the usual framework.

08.05.2021 - The music workshops in Arosa are unique. Another chapter of the series "Arosa in 100 stories".

01.05.2021 - In another contribution from the series with Arosa personalities, the director of Tourism, Roland Schuler, shows in this article why the Swiss O Week is a perfect fit for the destination's target audience.

23.04.2021 - On 19 April 2021, the Federal Council put the first easing of the pandemic measures in Switzerland into effect. An outlook until summer 2021 was not to be expected.

20.04.2021 - Providing a guest with an enjoyable ride from the bottom to the top station is one thing, but also offering a unique experience together with great feelings while exceeding everyone’s expectations is another. In the interview with Stefan Reichmuth, Head of Guest Services at Arosa Bergbahnen Inc. published in the Swiss Orienteering Magazine 03/2021, these aspects were featured, but also the expectations concerning the Swiss O Week.

14.04.2021 - swisstopo donates unique prizes for a stage, namely a mySwissMap with the SOW perimeter.

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