10.06.2019 – On August 4, the Swiss O Week starts in Gstaad. There will also be around 100 children from the region, who will run the traditional SOW schoolcup as part of the first stage.

Since the SOW is being held once again in a region of Switzerland that represents new territory from the point of view of orienteering, it is the organizers' intention to also present the sport locally. What a better way than the proven sCOOL concept? From 11 to 21 June, about800 schoolchildren from Saanenland and Pays d'Enhaut will experience a day of training at eight schools, based on the sCOOL Tour de Suisse program. They will learn a lot about «orienteering», first in the classroom and the followed by playful exercises in the schoolyard. Last but not least, knowledge about orienteering and about the upcoming Swiss Orienteering Week as the major mass-sport event in the region is spread through the families of the children, the teachers and the school authorities.

What does it need? Primarily enthusiastic school principals and teachers, as well as enthusiastic orienteers, who are willing to spend a lot of time in the planning and implementation of the stages and in the creation of new schoolhouse maps. Ursi Spycher and Claudia Rieder (both from the ol.biel.seeland) are now on the road for the SOW to enthusiastically teach the approximately 800 registered students how to navigate and to give them a great experience. In recent weeks and months, Urs Jordi and Remo Ruch have made sure that the necessary schoolhouse maps are available. The program will also cross the linguistic frontier with five of the 14 stages in French-speaking Rougemont and Château-d'Œx on the program. There, the two bilinguals Patrick Wegmann and Ruth Hofstetter join the coaches' team. Worthwhile to remember: the fifth SOW stage takes place in Rougemont.

As at some cantonal sCOOL Cups, there are some possibilities at this SOW school program where starting places for the SOW schoolcup final on August 4th in Gstaad can be earned. The final is embedded in the first stage of the Swiss Orienteering Week 2019 Gstaad. In order to prepare the children for the competitive situation, there is - on a voluntary basis and once again organized by Ursi Spycher and her team - even a special training on one of the SOW sprint training maps on 2 August in Saanen. Finally, some of the cup finalists will be invited to assist with the opening ceremony of SOW. Lasting memories are guaranteed for the children.

Beat Meier 


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