06.08.2019 - SOW – lucky with the weather

The prognosis with storm warnings were first completely off target. In the same competition area as yesterday, ideal conditions prevailed again. One could overhear some competitors on the climb up to the event centre that yesterday’s second stage had left some light tiredness in the legs. But then the many competitors didn’t anticipate that todays “enjoyable” stage didn’t promise pure pleasure but was actually a lot more challenging. The controls in the steep terrain were often difficult to find, it required paying great attention to map-reading and were athletically demanding. Even elite athletes admitted in the finish that hip-high shrubs, boulders and control placements in depressions were hard to find and had influenced their running times. Everyone confirmed that today it was more important to read the map carefully than to storm off from one control to the next. This was also true for other classes which was demonstrated by a runner who clambered up a slippery slope on all fours and mischievously asked half-way up where they had hidden the winch?

Somewhat later than predicted, the weather truly changed. However, it happened after the competitions were over and the people still present could easily find shelter in the big tent. There, throughout the day the run on the buffet confirmed how much the delicious food was appreciated. It was unanimous that it was a masterful accomplishment to temporarily offer such a comprehensive menu on 1700 meters altitude! The late quarter-hour thunderstorm had to admit that the “Enjoyable” stage was truly living up to its promise when looking at all the food, beverages, coffee with croissants, cakes and pies and even ice cream that was offered.

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