14.08.2019 - The Swiss Orienteering Week 2019 Gstaad is past. The whole event demonstrated in an exemplary way why the sport of orienteering belongs to an incomparable sport activity carried out in the great outdoors.

The promise proved to be true that both family and elite orienteering races are possible in all classes on those six different event days. The relevant titles of each stage described in advance what kind of difficulties could be expected in the terrain. Every day at the start, close to 3000 runners faced those challenges with lots of enthusiasm and succeeded independent of the weather, age or individual fitness. Certainly, the joy about the achieved performance or the result were great in the fin-ish or at the award ceremonies. But everyone, whether competing recreationally or being honoured with world championship titles showed true sportsmanship and modest appearance and behaviour without assuming an air of superiority and arrogance as is unfortunately common in other sports.

The review would not be objective without judging the ecological aspects of the areas used for the event. Here, the responsible people set deciding standards by contacting the owners and users of those areas early on thus preventing possibly and lengthy disputes. Thereby, not only the directives of the Swiss Orienteering Federa-tion were implemented, but it was shown that the sport of orienteering and a destina-tion such as Gstaad with its international reputation could complement each other without restrictions. Not in the least, also thanks to the environmentally sound con-cepts in regards of transport, traffic, catering or the safety measures in the competition centres.

In addition to the professional processes by the organising committee, the helpers and volunteers impressed likewise. Most of them were also orienteers and they laid with tireless efforts the foundation for success and contributed that the Swiss Orienteering Week 2019 Gstaad will stay unforgettable.

At the same time, it nurtures the wish that the Swiss Orienteering Week 2021 in Arosa may be again such a sustainable event in all aspects.

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