02.02.2020 - Arosa has a rich history of smaller and larger events of cultural, social and sporting nature. For example, orienteering has been present in Arosa for over four decades..

Even if the calendar shows summer, it can be inhospitable in the mountains: the first ever planned orienteering event at the Rätische Games end of August 1979 had to be cancelled because it had snowed down onto 1’500 m in the eastern part of Switzerland. Of course, a year later the maps that had been put away were pulled out of the drawers and the score orienteering event in the area of Prätsch was held.

1988, the 38th team orienteering event of Grisons was held in Arosa. 1995 followed the active orienteering runners from all over Switzerland to crown the long-distance champions on the first “real” orienteering map in Arosa. Christoph Plattner and Brigitte Wolf were the first ones to reach the finish at the Obersee in the category elite. Around the turn of the century, a series of regional O-meets followed until 2007 the map was for the first time thoroughly re-mapped for the Grisons orienteering weekend.

Many SOW-participants will surely remember the national competition in the autumn of 2015, and they liked the challenging courses at the Grüenseeli and around Maran which were organized parallel to the World Cup. Perhaps less suitable for a Sunday run was the great amount of snow that fell overnight which literally caught the participants as well as the organizers in the cold and off guard. This can happen in October in the mountains, but at the closing sprint relay of the world’s best orienteers in the town of Arosa, the sun prevailed again. The team Switzerland 1 with Rahel Friederich, Matthias Kyburz, Martin Hubmann and Sara Lüscher won ahead of Finland 1 and Sweden 1.

Last but not least the editions of the Red Bull Alpitude score orienteering events were held in Arosa. Indeed, in August 2017 the participants were competing in snow on the Hörnli as happened in 1979. The circle therefore is closed and the subject “weather” for the Swiss O Week 2021 from 17 to 24 July should not be an issue, only in 35 years again…

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