03.04.2020 - The apple tree which the organising committee of the Swiss O Week 2019 Gstaad received from the Swiss Orienteering Federation for the successful realization of its orienteering event in Gstaad last summer (see here) found its location in Gstaad yesterday.

Yesterday, the apple tree, which was organically grown at the Glauser organic tree nursery in Noflen, was expertly planted under the eyes of the presentees. A delegation from the organising committee of Swiss O Week 2019 consisting of Marcel Schiess, OC President, Claudia Tschudin, Gstaad Saanenland Tourism, and Ueli Hofstetter, Head of Communications, witnessed the planting action. Why an apple tree? The Swiss O Week wanted a tree that would bear fruit, quasi-symbolically for the fruits of the event with many satisfied participants and a smooth implementation of the major event. The variety "Malus Ametyst" was selected by the nursery according to climatic conditions and altitude. Along with the planting, the tree was also handed over to the care of the municipality of Saanen, which includes it in its tree care concept, in which irrigation, pruning and care of trees on public municipal land is provided in cooperation with a horticultural company.

Article on the front page of the «Anzeiger von Saanen» from 03.04.2020

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