14.03.2021 - In the Swiss Orienteering Magazine 03/2021, various personalities share their thoughts on the upcoming Swiss O Week in Arosa. In the interview with Mrs. Altmann, the mayor of the municipality Arosa, other topics were also raised, which are summarized below.

Yvonne Altmann KopieWhen interviewed in late fall 2020, the newly elected mayor was looking forward to new tasks on the municipal council and she saw herself in the privileged position to welcome the major Swiss O Week-event with international participation in her first year of presidential duties. 

From her previous work with the authorities as the person responsible for “civil en-gineering surface and planning” she knows the sometimes-lengthy processes until even a simple project can be implemented and therefore appreciates the speedy work of the SOW OC. Also, because the still uncertain Corona situation will require some adjustments. For the same reason, additional tasks will be added to the ap-proximately 200 employees of the community. This will also affect the new presiden-tial office, because in the end, the municipality is the executive authority for cantonal regulations. In general, however, the cooperation with the canton works extremely well.

On the other hand, her work in the private sector gives her a comprehensive insight into the trade and into other companies. This is because she runs a painting busi-ness in second generation together with her husband and is responsible for the commercial side as well as the personnel administration in the family enterprise. That means nothing less than constantly facing economical changes and solving challenges unconventionally. That is why the motto of the Altmann painting busi-ness fits perfectly with the current era in a unique way: “everything will be fine in the end – and if it is not yet, it will not be the end”!

As far as personal “orienteering skills” are concerned, Yvonne Altmann can only draw on experiences from her school times, but she certainly will be seen as a spectator on a course during the Swiss O Week 2021. Generally, as the municipality president she is happy about the event with a value added in the millions. Especially, because ecological principles are applied, and the chosen strategy will bring exactly the “right” audience to Arosa.

Oskar Schiess

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