01.05.2021 - In another contribution from the series with Arosa personalities, the director of Tourism, Roland Schuler, shows in this article why the Swiss O Week is a perfect fit for the destination's target audience.

Roland Schuler compr

Ten years ago, the future marketing strategy was determined by bringing a target audience to Arosa and by organizing its own events instead of commissioning outside agencies as had been done in the past. As director of Arosa Tourism, Roland Schuler is aware of possible pitfalls and knows exactly what his 32 employees are capable of accomplishing. He explains how long such pro-jects can take by using the example of “Arosa Bear Land”.

The idea, which was initially described as absurd, ultimately did not fail because it succeeded in reconciling the various interests. Instead of “exhibiting” young animals in an enclosure, a cooperation with the foundation “Four Paws”, the landowners, the community and other institution was achieved. Their goal was to enable older bears to grow old in Arosa with dignity after having spent most of their lives in miserable conditions such as being locked up in small cages with no freedom to move.

It then took 8 years until the effective combination of animal- and nature protection could be realized for an audience in a sound landscape. After all, 100’000 people have visited the facility which is unique in Switzerland since its inauguration in 2018. They could experience entirely new aspects of “a somewhat different sustainability” which is an “animal retirement home” combined with ecological tourism.

Not to be taken literally at all, but much better mixed in terms of age, the Swiss O Week 2021 is pursuing similar goals which is a sports and health provision through physical and mental effort. The orienteers take part with more or less desire for winning, also with lots of zest for life, fun and obviously with a dash of adventure when competing in an intact mountain world. And the project took less time. The first discussions took place on the occasion of the World Cup weekend in the fall of 2015.

No wonder, people like seeing the orienteering week in town and Arosa Tourism will support the event wherever possible, actually with two employees in the Organizing Committee of the Swiss O Week.  True to the principle, “anyone who stays in Arosa, feels wonderful”, which also applies to the Swiss O Week!

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