30.10.2021 - The Swiss Federal Office of Sport has been organising a conference on careers in sports management on 27 October 2021 in collaboration with Swiss sports managers and other partners. Swiss O Week made a prominent appearance at this event.

In recent years, sport has undergone major transformations. These changes are caused by socio-demographic, technological, ecological or economic factors. The latest studies agree that the future of sport must be highly disruptive, digitalised and focused on consumer satisfaction. The conference facilitated discussions and distributed information on these new challenges. One of the speakers was Pascal Jenny, President of Arosa Tourism, who spoke on the topic of "The challenges of sports tourism". He described the Swiss O Week as an existing model for success, which not only brings tourism destinations overnight stays but also lighthouse positions; after all, mass sports in nature are an attitude to life and are also part of the good tone.

The conference participants thus gained insights into the latest trends in sports management in Switzerland and benefited from the exchange of knowledge and experience. And above all, the participants got to know the exemplary character of the Swiss O Week!

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