28.01.2022 - Ambassadors of the Swiss O Week 2023 Flims Laax are orienteering runners who will draw attention to the Swiss O Week at international and national competitions and should provoke curiosity of potential participants. They also act as informants.

The worldwide orienteering community should hear about that the Swiss O Week and the World Orienteering Championships 2023 will take place in Flims Laax. The combination of World Championships and Swiss O Week will be that special orienteering event not to be missed in the summer of 2023. Therefore, the task of SOW-ambassadors is to encourage orienteering runners in Switzerland and abroad to come and participate at the SOW 2023 in Flims Laax.

SOW-ambassadors will draw attention to themselves and the SOW with a specially designed orienteering dress and they will answer questions and provide information. If necessary, they can arrange the contact to OC-members who will then respond to requests more precisely. The ambassadors will distribute flyers in O-event parking lots, on the way to bus stops and will manage the info desks.

Anyone can become an ambassador provided they intend to participate at a (multiday) orienteering event abroad. Even children may also take part if they are accompanied and supported by their family. Ideally, ambassadors are proficient in English as well as the language of their destination country.

If you are interested, please contact ambassador@swiss-o-week by the end of February 2022 with your name, address, and the information about which international O-event you will be travelling to in 2022. The selection of the ambassadors is the responsibility of the OC of the Swiss O Week 2023.


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