05.01.2023 - Various changes of the SOCR (Swiss Orienteering competition rules) are published in the 12/2022 issue of the Swiss Orienteering Magazine. The Swiss O Week 2023 adopts the proposed categories D80 and H85 by the orienteering federation.

In 2022, several adjustments of the SOCR were tested by granting temporary permits. For the 2023 season several of these SOCR-changes will definitely be introduced unless a referendum is seized. The Swiss O Week 2023 adopts the new senior categories D80 and H85 from these adjustments. The corresponding changes have already been introduced in the registration portal..

However, the Swiss O Week will not yet adopt the long distance times recommended for the seniors in the 2023 edition. The courses have already been set and approved by the Senior Event Advisor. In addition, the holiday aspect at this Swiss O Week is placed as priority and the long distances can, therefore, also be 5 minutes shorter in three stages.

The Swiss O Week 2023 is also not yet adopting the map scale of 1:7’500 for DAK and HAK. Here, too, the preparatory work for the map layouts have already been completed. The situation will then be reassessed for the Swiss O Week after next.

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