The Health Minister of Switzerland, Alain Berset, announced in the press today that further relaxations of the Corona-protective measures for the coming months are in prospect. In particular, he mentioned that cultural and sport events could be allowed quickly, and that even larger-scale events could be allowed in summer. Of course, everything always depends on how the pandemic continues to develop.


The OC was expecting information from the federal government on the 2021 Corona stabilization package by mid-February in order to adjust the Swiss O Week's options for entry fee reimbursement accordingly. According to Swiss Orienteering, the communication of this information is delayed until the beginning of March. Nevertheless, the OC will try to depict the modalities of the entry fee reimbursement before the first registration deadline, in case of a ban of the Swiss O Week 2021.


In the interest of the participants and all parties, the Swiss O Week has decided at an early stage to definitely hold the event in Arosa in 2021, to continue the preparatory work as planned and even to expand it. The Swiss O Week 2021 will take place either as usual as the well-known multi-day O event or as "My Swiss O Week 2021", where everyone can put together their orienteering and adventure week independently and individually from a wide range of offers. You can find the full news story here.


The OC of the SOW still assumes that the SOW can be carried out. At the same time, the modalities of the reimbursement of the entry fee are now being studied, in case the SOW would have to be cancelled anyway. More information will follow shortly, before the first registration deadline.


The OC of the SOW still assumes that the SOW can be carried out.

Various questions received concern the conditions for cancellation of the entry if one wishes to withdraw of one's own accord or what would happen if the SOW had to be postponed. The conditions for the annullation of your registration can be found in the competition regulations, para. 14:

Registration cancellations cost 10 % of the entry fee (based on 31 May 2021) when received by 31 May 2021, 30 % until received by 5 July 2021 plus possible bank fees. Afterwards no cancellations will be accepted..

You can cancel your registration yourself via the registration portal. You have to log in with the code you received with your registration confirmation (email).

If the Swiss O Week has to be canceled due to force majeure, including a ban by the authorities of major events, you will find the conditions for this in the competition regulations, para. 13:

No partial or complete refund of the entry fee can be granted automatically in case of cancellation of the entire or partial Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa events due to force majeure / acts of God, extraordinary risks, or official directives. Instead, the jury decides acccording to Swiss Orienteering competition rules Para 156.2. It will take into account the fault of the organizer, his financial situation and the damage suffered by the runners.


At this place, the SOW organising committee communicates information related to the Corona on an ongoing basis. This can be decisions of the OC, information on administrative steps, advices on lodging/hotel bookings, etc

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