The OC of the Swiss O Week has been able to respond to numerous requests for Corona tests on arrival and is offering a limited number of Corona tests during the arrival weekend.

QR CoronaThese tests, unlike the rest day, are not sponsored by the SOW and cost CHF 40.- to be paid on site.

You can book a test date in Arosa for Saturday 17.07.2021 or Sunday 18.07.2021 via the following link: Link


Admission requirements for the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa

All participants and accompanying persons must have a valid Covid-Certificate (vaccinated, tested or recovered).
Under no circumstances must persons with Covid symptoms travel to Arosa.

Procedure of the Corona-Check


On the day of arrival, we ask everyone to report to the SOW Corona-Check outside of the Sports- and Congress Centre with a valid Covid Certificate (vaccinated, tested or recovered). Children up to and including the age of 16 (age-group up to and including 2005) do not need to present a Covid-Certificate. After presenting the certificate and an identity card, you will receive a coloured bracelet which shows the period of validity of the certificate. Those who bring a negative Covid-test and have not yet been vaccinated or recovered must be tested again on the rest day.

Persons without a vaccination must present a valid test, i.e., a PCR-test not older than 72 hours or a rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours carried out by an authorised person. The Corona home self-test taken is not accepted. On the day of arrival, the SOW offers a limited capacity of rapid antigen tests for a fee of CHF 40. Theses tests can be booked here.

The nearby SOW Check-In can only be entered with a valid bracelet. Please remember that everybody must come to the Corona-Check in person, including children and accompanying persons. This year it is not possible to collect the SOW race documents for a whole group.


Only participants wearing a valid bracelet are admitted to the stages respectively the competition. The bracelet as well as the whistle will be checked daily on the way to the starts.

Rest day / Test day

All those who arrived with a negative Corona-test on arrival day must be tested again on the rest day. The SOW has therefore set up its own test centre outside the Sports- and Congress Centre. To be able to plan your rest day and to avoid long waiting times, you can determine a time slot at which you would like to take the test on the day of arrival. We ask you to keep to this time slot whenever possible. The rapid antigen test will cost CHF 20.00 for all participants; please have this amount ready (cash or Twint). People with a positive test will be contacted within an hour. People who live in Switzerland and have a Swiss health insurance card and do not wish to take advantage of the SOW test centre can have the rapid antigen test carried out free of charge in Chur at one of the pharmacies listed on the internet. This option is not available in Arosa.

Anyone who has not been contacted by the SOW within 90 minutes after taking the rapid antigen test can collect a new bracelet at the Corona-Check. Remember, if you do not have a valid bracelet, you will not be allowed access to the stages 4 to 6.

If you lose your bracelet you will have to report to the Corona-Check outside the Sports- and Congress Centre and receive a new bracelet which allows you to compete again.

In our precautionary measures a mask-wearing requirement outside is still valid if a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. For example, this holds true at the start or while using public transport. At the Check-In you will receive special instructions regarding the corona-rules.

The Corona-Check is open:
- Friday 16.07. to Sunday 18.07. during the opening hours of the Check-In
- Monday 19.07. 07:00 to 09:00
- Tuesday 20.07. 08:00 to 10:00
- Wednesday 21.07. 09:00 to 16:00 (rest day)
- Thursday 22.07. to Saturday 24.07. 07:30 to 09:30

The SOW test centre is open:
- Wednesday 21.07. 08:00 to 14:00


In consultation with the responsible cantonal authorities, the OC has compiled a list of questions and answers on topics relating to the Corona protection and test concept. This Q+A-list can be found here (version 1.1 27.06.2021).


Since March 1, the Federal Council has gradually relaxed the Corona measures. Today, it communicated the intentions for the summer of 2021; the final decision will be made on June 23. Until then, the cantons will be consulted. For the Swiss O Week as a large event (>1’000 participants), the Covid certificate will be mandatory for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons. This means that all Swiss O Week participants have to show this certificate at a special entrance control before the SOW check-in. The certificate for tested persons must then be renewed during the week. According to current planning, Swiss O Week will offer testing opportunities for this purpose on the rest day.

From the end of June, entry into Switzerland shall also be made easier. Firstly, those entering from the Schengen area are to be exempted from the quarantine obligation. Secondly, entrants from third countries are to be allowed to enter without quarantine if they have been vaccinated.


The currently valid regulations for entering Switzerland are published daily at the Federal Office of Public Health.


From today’s perspective, the following conditions must be met in order to start at the Swiss O Week  2021 in Arosa:

Vaccinated persons: 

  • Present an officially valid and recognized Covid-19 vaccination certificate at the check-in

Non-vaccinated persons:

  • Present a recent negative Covid-19 test at the check-in:
    either a PCR-test within the previous 72 hours or a quick test withing the previous 48 hours
  • Repeated test during the week

For all people from abroad:

  • Entry regulations into Switzerland which apply at that point in time

For all participants and helpers or volunteers:

  • Wearing of masks compulsory in designated zones

Participants will have to bear the costs for vaccinations, tests and masks. The conditions can change until the Swiss O Week starts. The then official applicable requirements are decisive.


This week, two important pieces of the SOW puzzle have been laid. The OC has submitted the application to hold the SOW to the Emergency Task Force of the canton of Graubünden. Two days later, the Federal Council announced that events with up to 3'000 participants can become conceivable from July 2021.


The OC had decided that in case of a ban by the authorities on the regular realization of the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa, that 90 % of the entry fees (minus bank charges) will be reimbursed to orienteers who had already registered. This corresponds to the rule if someone should cancel for their own reasons.

If the Swiss O Week is converted into the My Swiss O Week, already registered orienteers can choose from the following options in the registration portal using the mutation-link, they received with their registration::

  • Reimbursement of the entry fee (90%, minus bank charges);
  • A voucher with which the My Swiss O Week entry fee can be paid. The unused funds will be refunded up to the 90%-mark (minus bank charges);
  • Obtaining a voucher for 100 % of the entry fee which can be used when registering for the Swiss O Week 2023 Flims Laax.

The decision as to which variation the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa will be implemented, will be made and communicated mid-May 2021.

Please check also the news message or the newsletter.


On 19 April 2021, the Federal Council put the first easing of the pandemic measures in Switzerland into effect. An outlook until summer 2021 was not to be expected. Currently, the OC of the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa is still assuming that the measures now in force and, above all, the ongoing vaccination campaign will have an effect in time, so that the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa can be carried out in its usual format. 


The Health Minister of Switzerland, Alain Berset, announced in the press today that further relaxations of the Corona-protective measures for the coming months are in prospect. In particular, he mentioned that cultural and sport events could be allowed quickly, and that even larger-scale events could be allowed in summer. Of course, everything always depends on how the pandemic continues to develop.


The OC was expecting information from the federal government on the 2021 Corona stabilization package by mid-February in order to adjust the Swiss O Week's options for entry fee reimbursement accordingly. According to Swiss Orienteering, the communication of this information is delayed until the beginning of March. Nevertheless, the OC will try to depict the modalities of the entry fee reimbursement before the first registration deadline, in case of a ban of the Swiss O Week 2021.


In the interest of the participants and all parties, the Swiss O Week has decided at an early stage to definitely hold the event in Arosa in 2021, to continue the preparatory work as planned and even to expand it. The Swiss O Week 2021 will take place either as usual as the well-known multi-day O event or as "My Swiss O Week 2021", where everyone can put together their orienteering and adventure week independently and individually from a wide range of offers. You can find the full news story here.


The OC of the SOW still assumes that the SOW can be carried out. At the same time, the modalities of the reimbursement of the entry fee are now being studied, in case the SOW would have to be cancelled anyway. More information will follow shortly, before the first registration deadline.


The OC of the SOW still assumes that the SOW can be carried out.

Various questions received concern the conditions for cancellation of the entry if one wishes to withdraw of one's own accord or what would happen if the SOW had to be postponed. The conditions for the annullation of your registration can be found in the competition regulations, para. 14:

Registration cancellations cost 10 % of the entry fee (based on 31 May 2021) when received by 31 May 2021, 30 % until received by 5 July 2021 plus possible bank fees. Afterwards no cancellations will be accepted..

You can cancel your registration yourself via the registration portal. You have to log in with the code you received with your registration confirmation (email).

If the Swiss O Week has to be canceled due to force majeure, including a ban by the authorities of major events, you will find the conditions for this in the competition regulations, para. 13:

No partial or complete refund of the entry fee can be granted automatically in case of cancellation of the entire or partial Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa events due to force majeure / acts of God, extraordinary risks, or official directives. Instead, the jury decides acccording to Swiss Orienteering competition rules Para 156.2. It will take into account the fault of the organizer, his financial situation and the damage suffered by the runners.


At this place, the SOW organising committee communicates information related to the Corona on an ongoing basis. This can be decisions of the OC, information on administrative steps, advices on lodging/hotel bookings, etc

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