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(Date 2 February 2019)


Association Swiss O Week 2019 Gstaad (
Event director: Marcel Schiess, Köniz

Event sites

Gstaad and surroundings, 3 – 10 August 2019


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Peter Gehriger and Therese Hohl, Holligenstrasse 44a, CH-3008 Bern / Switzerland

Competition format

6 stages with daily rankings:
1 sprint-, 1 middle distance-, 2 shortened long distance- and 2 long distance-orienteering events.
Control system SPORTident incl. Si-Air+. Si-Cards can be rented at the information centre.

For all competitive classes the 5 best results will be calculated based on residue percentages for the overall standings.

There is no ranking in the Holiday categories, but the results of the participants are listed in alphabetical order by name.


Head of course-setting: Matthias Niggli, Münsingen

Competition areas

Stage 1: Sunday 4 August 2019
Course-setter: Beatrice Aeschlimann; controller: Christoph Aeschlimann

Stage 2: Monday 5 August 2019
Col du Pillon – Isenau
Long distance
Course-setter: Stefan Zingg; controller: Raymond Beutler

Stage 3: Tuesday 6 August 2019
Col du Pillon – Lac Retaud
Shortened long distance
Course-setter: Sandra Schärer; controller: Gilbert Roulier

Stage 4: Thursday 8 August 2019
Long distance
Course-setter: Daniel Hadorn; controller: Karin Hodel 

Stage 5: Friday 9 August 2019
Middle distance
Course-setter: Christoph Streit; controller: Bruno Haldemann

Stage 6: Saturday 10 August 2019
Shortened long distance
Course-setter: Thomas Egger; controller: Res Dubach

Technical advisers

Hans Laube, Felice Büchi (stages 1, 4 and 6), Ueli Schlatter (stages 2, 3 and 5)


Sprint: map scale 1:4‘000; all other maps: scale 1:10‘000, new 2019
All maps will be newly mapped for SOW 2019 Gstaad

Mappers: Urs Steiner and Beat Imhof


Competitive classes

All competitive classes according to the competition rules of the Swiss Orienteering Federation without D18K and H18K. Additional competitive classes: D20B, D45K, D55K, H20B, H45K, H55K.

All these classes are individual disciplines. It is not allowed to accompany children. In the competitive classes, the start will take place with fixed start times (start list). Free start times are not possible here.

Categories D10 / H10:
In categories D10 and H10 the start time is free, so that parents (or any escort) can accompany their child to the start. However, companionship during the race is not permitted and will lead to disqualification of the child and the accompanying person.

A registration is only possible for the whole Swiss O Week. Registration takes place via the SOW registration portal. The closing date for registration is 17 June 2019. There is no possibility of late registration.

Open categories

Challenge long, Challenge middle, Challenge short, Holiday long, Holiday short.

In these categories it is also possible to start as a team, and children may be accompanied by an adult. If the accompanying person starts him/herself, he/she may only accompany the child after his/her own run.

In the open categories, the start times can be freely selected within a time window. No start list will be created. The start is triggered by a start unit.

Registrations for the entire Swiss O Week can be made via the SOW registration portal. The closing date for registration is 15 July 2019. Late registrations may be made at the check-in Gstaad (2 and 3 August 2019).

In the open categories it is also possible to register for single stages. For details see section 'Daily registrations'.

Pre-registration of personal data (for start at single stages)
In order to speed up the registration at the individual daily stages, we ask open runners to register their personal data before the Swiss O Week. The link to the entry form can be found on the main page of the SOW ( Pre-registered runners may queue up at the 'Fast-Track' when registering and will thus be served faster.

A pre-registration is completely non-binding; it does not oblige to participate in a run. On the other hand, it does not count as registration. Pre-registration serves exclusively to simplify administration.

Competitors with an entry in the CH orienteers database and a personal SI card do not have to pre-register.


Classes Level of difficulty Sprint Middle distance Long distance
H10 10-15′ 10-15′ 10-20’
H12 ■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-35’
H14 ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
H16 ■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 45-55’
H18 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 50-60’
H20 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-65’
H20B ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
HE ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 60-80’
HAL ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-70’
HAM ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 50-60’
HAK ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 30-40’
HB ■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
H35 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H40 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H45 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H45K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H50 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H55 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H55K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H60 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H65 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
H70 ■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
H75 ■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
H80 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
D10 10-15′ 10-15′ 10-20’
D12 ■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-35’
D14 ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
D16 ■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
D18 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 45-55’
D20 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 50-60’
D20B ■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-45’
DE ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 55-70’
DAL ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 50-60’
DAM ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 40-50’
DAK ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 30-40’
DB ■■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 35-45’
D35 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D40 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D45 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D45K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D50 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D55 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D55K ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D60 ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D65 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 45-55’
D70 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
D75 ■■■■■ 10-15′ 30-35′ 40-50’
CS Challenge short ■■■ 10-15′ 15-20′ 25-30’
CM Challenge middle ■■■■■ 10-15′ 20-25′ 35-40’
CL Challenge long ■■■■■■ 10-15′ 25-35′ 40-50’
HS Holiday short ■■ 10-15′ 15-25′ 15-25’
HL Holiday long ■■ 10-15′ 25-30′ 30-40′

Level of difficulty: ■ = easy … ■■■■■■ = difficult


All competitive classes are individual disciplines. Children may only be accompanied in the open categories Challenge and Holiday.

Range of requirements in the open categories Challenge and Holiday:
- CS lies between DAK and DB regarding length and difficulty, more difficult than Holiday. CM corresponds to HAK or DAM, so very difficult, but short. CL corresponds to HAM or DAL, very difficult.
- HS is between D/H10 and D/H12 in length and difficulty. HL is in the range from D/H12 to D/14 for the difficulty, D/H14 for the length.

Walking aids (e.g. trekking poles) are only permitted in the open categories Holiday.

Dogs are only permitted in the open category Holiday. They must be kept on a lead at all times before, during and after the competition.

Entry fees

Entry fee includes all stages including the SOW transport pass.

Competitive classes:

Year of birth early-bird fees until 10.02.2019 normal fees until 17.06.2019
2003 and younger 155 CHF 175 CHF
1999 to 2002  195 CHF 220 CHF
1998 and older 270 CHF 305 CHF

Categories Holiday and Challenge for all 6 days:

Entry fee (the oldest runner of the team is relevant) early-bird fees until 10.02.2019

normal fees until 15.07.2019

2003 and younger 155 CHF 175 CHF
1999 to 2002  195 CHF 220 CHF
1998 and older 270 CHF 305 CHF


Entry fee for each additional runner of the same team including a map: early-bird fees until 10.02.2019 normal fees until 15.07.2019
2014 and younger no fee no fee
2003 to 2013 95 CHF 105 CHF
1999 to 2002  110 CHF 120 CHF
1998 and older  130 CHF 145 CHF

The SOW transport pass, which all the entrants receive who have paid their dues, covers all the mandatory round-trip transports from the event centre to the competition areas (2 mountain trains and gondolas, 2 bus transports, public transport of the regions Zweisimmen – Gstaad – Château-d’Oex, Gstaad – Gsteig – Col du Pillon, Gstaad – Lauenen as well as a trip to the Glacier 3000.

SOW transport passes for accompanying persons:

Year of birth per accompanying person
2014 and younger free of charge
2003 to 2013 65 CHF
1999 to 2002  80 CHF
1998 and older  100 CHF



Via the SOW registration portal (


Competitive classes: 17 June 2019 (Monday)

Categories Challenge and Holiday: 15 July 2019 (Monday)


Payment is possible with VISA, MasterCard, Postcard or with an international bank transfer:
BIC POFICHBEXXX; IBAN CH78 0900 0000 3055 8909 4
PCC: 30-558909-4, SOLV Schweiz. OL-Verband, online Startgelder, 3000 Bern

Start time wishes and startlists

Wishes for specific start times cannot be taken into account in the competitive classes. Those who absolutely want to start with a child or partner at the same time, or parents who want to have different starting times because of child care, must start in the Challenge and Holiday categories. In these categories, the start time is free within a defined time window (start time is triggered with start unit).

In the competitive classes, the starting times of the members of a club are adjusted as far as possible. There will be no draw by Swiss regions.

Clubs will be assigned to one of six starting blocks. The starting blocks move from day to day, so that all clubs start once early and once late in the starting field.

The starting lists will be posted on the SOW website ( by 25 July 2019 at the latest.

Late registrations

Late registrations are only possible for the five open categories and for the entire Swiss O Week. Late registrations can be made at check-in until the evening before the first stage (2 and 3 August 2019).


Registrations for single stages can be made in the Challenge and Holiday classes only. The day-registration be made at the check-in (2 and 3 August 2019), during the Swiss O Week from 08:00 to 11:00 at the information desk in the stage competition centres and in the evening from 17:00 to 18:30 at the SOW Info Centre / Tourist Office in Gstaad (Promenade 41).

Entry fees for individual stages Holiday and Challenge but without the SOW-transport pass:

Entry fee per stage (the oldest runner of the team is relevant) Additional map 
2014 and younger free of charge free of charge
2003 to 2013 20 CHF 5 CHF
1999 to 2002  25 CHF 5 CHF
1998 and older  37 CHF 5 CHF

Stages 2, 3, 4 and 6 require a transport pass for the post bus, mountain train or gondola; each additional participant in the team who is born 2013 or later needs to pay the following transport fee:

  per stage
Stages E2, E3 and E4 10 CHF
Stage E6 5 CHF



Registration changes can be done until 17 June 2019 (Monday) online through free of charge.

After 17 June 2019 changes can only be requested via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at a cost of CHF 10 per change for year of birth / name / club. Those costs need to be paid when picking-up race packages. It is also not possible to change categories after that date.

Corrections of registration data

Corrections to the registration data can be made online via the SOW registration portal free of charge up to the registration deadline. The registration deadline for the competitive classes is 17 June 2019, for the open categories 15 July 2019.

Category changes are only possible until the respective entry deadline. A change from an open category to a competitive class is only possible until 17 June 2019.

After the registration deadline, changes to the registration data can only be reported via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Changing a registration dataset costs CHF 10. The change fee has to be paid when picking up the race documents. Adjustments to SI-Card numbers are free of charge.

It is also possible to have registration data corrected at the check-in (2 and 3 August 2019). These changes also cost CHF 10.


Registration cancellations cost 10 % of the entry fee (basis 17 June 2019) when received until 17 June 2019 and 30 % until 15 July 2019 and probable bank charges. Afterwards no cancellations can be accepted.

Start place transfer

The passing on of a starting place is permitted but must be reported to the organizer of the SOW. Whoever runs under a false name will be disqualified. A starting place can only be transferred for the whole week.

Until the closing date for entries on 17 June 2019, mutations can be made online on their own and at no cost via the SOW registration portal.

After the registration deadline, a fee of CHF 10 will be charged for the transfer of a starting place. This fee must be paid when the race documents are collected.

After publication of the starting lists until check-in is opened, mutations will be made via the mutation portal (access via the main page of SOW On the check-in days, mutations can be reported at the information desk (until the check-in closes on 3 August 2019, the evening before stage 1). In the event of a cancellation during the Swiss O Week, the starting place can no longer be passed on.


Under Program books with detailed instructions will be handed out at check-in.

Start lists

On after 25 July 2019 the latest.


Rental-SI-Cards can be pre-booked and paid for upon registration. The rent during Swiss O Week is CHF 8.
The pre-reserved rental SI cards are handed out together with the running documents. After the last stage, they must be returned to the information desk in the stage competition centre.

SI-Cards can also be rented for individual daily stages. The rental price per day is CHF 3. The rental SI cards can be obtained at the information stand and must be returned there.

No deposit is required for the rental SI cards. SI-Cards that are not returned will be charged CHF 60.

SIAC will not be rented.

Pick-up race-documents

The race documents are handed in at the check-in. The documents will be handed in sorted by surname.

Since the material is not handed in in a clubwise order, there is no need to register with a pseudo-club.


A kids’O-course and child care will be offered at the individual event centres of each stage.


In HE/DE and H20/D20 classes only athletes who have signed the „Athlete’s agreement for anti-doping” of the Swiss Olympic Association will be allowed to compete. Information and acceptance form can be found under > Ethik > Anti-Doping.

In D20B and H20B, the same rules are valid as for all other classes.


Every participant is responsible for his/her own insurance and is participating at his/her own risk. The organisers decline any responsibility to the extent permitted by law.

Annullation of race

No partial or complete refund can be granted if one or several stages have to be cancelled due to unseen causes and without fault of the organisers.


The destination Gstaad offers a wide range of accommodations. Gstaad and Pays d’Enhaut Tourism offices are glad to help all participants and their guests find an appropriate place.
Please also consult under as well as

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