04.08.2019 - Sprint on Sunday

The first competition of the SOW was a tough one, it didn’t take place somewhere in the woods, but in the centre of Gstaad. In-between tourists, locals and spectators the orienteering-freaks tackled „the cultivated stage“. Part of them were 65 kids who took on the competition of the schoolcup. Several of them – just like their elder counterparts – already seeked for potential routes, passages and shortcuts on the day before while wandering through Gstaad.

At 09:00 the race started! Despite the patchwork of cultures all the participants organized themselves well, and „spread“ in the village. Few categories even had to find an underground control. Exciting was also the finish chute, happy faces were a sign of a great runtime or the perfect route choice. Others remembered the mistakes they made, but yet where proud that they made it. Insiders obviously knew the favorites and they were greeted with well earned applause. Especially the boys and girls of the schoolcup were cheered on, some of them maybe even future champions? The offspring didn‘t care as much for the interviews and speeches as others, but even more about their personal performance, the results of their favorites and the catering.

But Gstaad did not only greet sportsmen today: during the race a baptism took place in the St. Niklaus-chapel. Now if that isn‘t a good omen for the rest of the week: baptize inside, orienteering outside.

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